02 March 2009

cute car

I never really thought that China would come up with such a wonderful concept car that actually looks as if it really is out of the space age travelling in to today from a century ahead!

 This amazing car has no name as of it and that is indeed a bit of surprise considering the fact that most designers seem to be ready with names rather than designs these days.

 This amazing car concept would beat any other car or bike that is on the road today for the sheer amazing body dynamics of it all.

Designed by Huiwen Ji, the diamond casing and Bat-Pod-esque wheels tell you that this car would probably only appeal to not just the car mad crowd but all the ones beyond too.

 (Just one opinion) The amazing fact is that the car’s body is actually shaped in such a way that it swivels and moves to the direction of the wind akin to a bike turning in to a curve. So here is a car whose structure interacts with the wind that blows past it!

Now if you are moving at full throttle, I expect the top to really lean back which might be really cool. Now I still believe that this hitting the roads is a highly unlikely for more than one reason but if it does you can be sure that we would keep more than a close eye on it.

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