02 March 2009


bridge is important to us..


Bridges are important to everyone. 

But they are not seen or understood in the same way by everyone, which is what makes their study so fascinating. 

A single bridges over a small river will be viewed differently by difeerent people because the eyes each one sees it with are unique to that individual. 

Someone travelling over the bridge everyday while going to work may only realize the bridge is there because the roadway now has a railing on either side.

 Others may remember a time before the was built and how far they had to travel to visit friends and to get the children to school.

 Civic leaders see the bridge as the link between neighborhoods and way to provide fire and police protection and access to hospital.

 In the business community, the bridge is seen as a opening up new markets and expanding commerce. 

An artist will consider the bridges and its setting as a possible subject for a future painting. 

A theologian may see the bridge as the symbolic of making a connection between God and human beings. 

While boater in the river, looking up when passing underneath the brudge, will a completely different perspective

. Everyone is looking at the same bridge, but its pruduces different emotions and visual images in each one of them.

it's up to you what you think about bridge.

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